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About Us

Legacy Farms Cannabis was born in 2015 by two partners who were dediated to building a Clean Cannabis brand.  This Craft Cannabis was built for those who appreciate fresh product and value terpenes and the environment in which the plant is grown.  Legacy uses ALL organic practices in its craft Cannabis and offers pesticide and chemical free Cannabis Flower.  

After years of building a trusted network of Growers, Manufacturers, and Processors Legacy Farms Cannabis has grown into one of the trusted East Coast Cannabis brands and is featured in a variety of dispensaries including The Hemp Farmacy.  As our brand grew so did our product availability.  We now offer not only fresh craft cannabis, but also quality edibles, and vape concentrates.  just like with our original flower products we now offer top quality edibles and strain specific vape pens with pure cannabis extract and terpenes, none of this BS that is being used to cut typical Cannabis Vape Pens. 

Thank you to ALL our loyal customers, and all of our new customers!  We appreciate your support in building Cannabis Access and Education!